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Hi Sifu & the Entire Red Dragon Team.

I'm not typically one to write reviews so forgive my novel below, I actually had to stop myself from continuing to write. Lol

I just wanted to say a huge (novel length) thank you for Phoenix's lesson today! Both times she came off the Mats in each class she was so excited and told me she really loved it.

She really loved today's XMA class because as Phoenix puts it "I can't Believe Sifu came in and taught us with Bailey ". I haven't seen her this animated and focused like she was today. She was so proud of her self today, she wants to make sure Phill is told how she kicked "super high to the roof nearly". Today really made her realise what can happen when you work hard and listen, specially when Bailey took the time and came and thanked her as we were leaving for trying really hard and really listening in class today, she even asked if Alyssa watched how much she was really listening and really trying. She really looks up to them all but specially Alyssa.

This is the same little girl who when she started only 5 Months ago wouldn't show ANYONE including her dad and I what she can do because of her lack of confidence and belief she could do it, and do it in front of people.

Seeing her get up in class today and show her kicks and cartwheels in front of everyone on her own (specially in front of her peers who were a few belts above her and can do some seriously talented tricks)was honestly such a huge thing for her, and I know she's got this brilliant confidence & belief in herself now because of the belief and confidence she gets from all her instructors. The way the instructors particularly Phill, Bailey, Alyssa and Mitch not only teach the kids but the way they talk to them and treat them is really fantastic.

From the moment we open the door and are greeted always with a smile from Krysten, We then watch you all Mentor, Teach, Encourage & Inspire our kids.

I'm sure you've heard this many many times but honestly Thank you so much for all you do, I hope you ALL realise the huge positive impact you have in no doubt all the kids but specially Phoenix.

Red Dragon Martial Arts Jade Tansley

Jade Tansley

My son has only just started here a couple of weeks ago and im so impressed by how professional all the staff are and how great they are with teaching each child at there level in each class. And the lion dance today was awesome. Proud to be a part of the red dragon martial arts family.

Red Dragon Martial Arts Christina Lyons

Christina Lyons

Really enjoying seeing all the students preparing for their gradings this weekend. The energy the instructors have helped create is infectious! Busy, full, and animated classes are my absolute favourite classes, they make for great days!

Red Dragon Martial Arts Krysten-Ashleigh Moore

Krysten-Ashleigh Moore

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