Adult Martial Arts Classes in Deception Bay

Adult Martial Arts Classes in Deception Bay

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Red Dragon Martial Arts offers elite level Wing Chun, BJJ and MMA training and instruction. Our Adult Martial Arts classes are a comprehensive full body workout combined with a complete martial arts and self-defence system. 

This Adult Martial Arts program offers a variety of martial arts styles to choose from for Teens and Adults ages 13 and up. These classes will not only push you physically, getting you into the best shape of your life, but we will also bring out a whole new level of mental training.

Feel Good & Look Great With The Best Adult Martial Arts Classes In Caboolture!

  • Wing Chun

Translated literally, Wing Chun means "beautiful springtime." Accord to Wing Chun, there are five ways to defeating the enemy: striking, kicking, joint locking, throwing and through weapons use.

Wing Chun is different from many of today's popular sytles, such as Karate and Tae Kwon Do. These styles block first and then attack. Wing Chun emphasizes self-defence, focusing on methods that allow a block and an attack in the same movement. The style is based on human biomechanics rather than animal movements, using primarily straight line, fast, direct strikes and sophisticated simultaneous blocking and striking techniques, redirecting the force of an opponent rather than attempting to meet a possibly greater force directly. 

  • Jow Ga Kung Fu

Jow Ga is a Chinese martial art founded by Jow Lung (1891-1919). With Jow Ga Kung Fu you will learn Traditional Forms and weapons as well as effective self-defence and Traditional Lion Dance.

This style of Kung Fu was labeled as having "the head of Hung the tail of Choy (and Northern Shaolin)" and the patterns of the tiger and leopard, so it is often called "Hung Tao Choy Mei". It is sometimes referred to by a series of alternate names such as Chow Gar, Chow Ka, Chau Ka, Zhou Jia, Chou Gar, and Jow Gar. The essential techniques incorporated the muscular and might movements of Hung Gar and the swift footwork and complex kicking of Choy Gar Kung Fu, making it a very effective form of self defence with emphasis on simultaneous attack and defence. 

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Benefits of Deception Bay adult martial arts

  • Improved Flexibility & Coordination
  • Improved Strength & Fitness
  • Improve Confidence & Focus
  • Learn Effective Self-Defence Skills

adult martial arts Program Age Groups

  • From Age 13 To 99 (Adult Wing Chun)
  • From Age 13 To 99 (Adult Jow Ga Kung Fu)

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