Hyper Pro Training Classes in Wamuran

Hyper Pro Training Classes in Wamuran

students in hyper pro training in Caboolture - Red Dragon Martial Arts

Hyper Pro Training is designed for the Elite XMA athlete!

Only the very best hand picked XMA students get to attend this class that covers exercises scientifically designed to improve power, speed and endurance. We also have an elite acrobatics and tricking coach to ensure the athletes become World class. 

The Hyper Martial Arts curriculum combines traditional martial arts with elements of gymnastics, creating a high flying, martial arts with high jumps, flips and twists.

Our weapons program is offered as part of our Hyper Pro Training curriculum. Not only will students learn basic weapon techniques, but they will learn complex moves and techniques that will make you fast and powerful.

Be Awesome! Join Us!

Push yourself harder than you ever had with Hyper Pro Training from Red Dragon Martial Arts. You will push yourself every day to get better and learn new things which will translate to school, work and your everyday life.

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